5 Fascinating Facts About Personalities

What factors influence our personality? Can we change our personalities, or do our overall traits remain constant throughout life? Personality makes us who we are. It influences nearly every aspect of our lives including what we choose to do for a living, how we interact with our families, and our choices of friends and romantic partners. Since personality is such a fascinating topic, it has become one of the most heavily researched subjects within psychology. Thanks to all this research, psychologists have learned a great deal about the things that influence personality as well as how personality influences our behaviours.​ Here are 5 fascinating facts about personalities -

  1. Personality Is Relatively Stable:

In long-term studies of personality, some of the most core parts of personality remain stable throughout life. Three aspects that do tend to change as we age are anxiety levels, friendliness, and eagerness for novel experiences. According to researcher Paul T. Costa Jr., personality remains relatively stable as we grow older. What changes as you go through life are your roles and the issues that matter most to you. People may think their personality has changed as they age, but it is their habits that change, their vigour and health, their responsibilities and circumstances—not their basic personality

  1. Traits Linked To Certain Illnesses:

In the past, a number of different personality traits have been suspected of contributing to particular illnesses. For example, hostility and aggression were often linked to heart disease. The difficulty was that while some studies would reveal a link, other studies demonstrated no such connection. Researchers have used a statistical technique known as meta-analysis to reevaluate previous research on the connection between personality and disease. What they discovered were some previously unnoticed connections between neurotic personality traits and five illnesses; headaches, asthma, arthritis, peptic ulcers, and heart disease. Another study suggested that shyness might be linked to a shorter lifespan.

  1. People Can Smell Your Personality:

People can guess your personality by simply smelling your t-shirt. The study showed that people were as accurate at guessing personality when smelling their clothes as when watching a video of them. The researchers found that people were good at identifying these three personality traits:

  • neuroticism,

  • extroversion,

  • and dominance.

4. People Read Personality In Your Movement:

The way people move could provide a unique insight into their personality. People who move in similar ways display better collective behaviour. The researchers think this means that people who move the same way will be able to interact more effectively as well. The study suggests that each person has an ‘individual motor signature’ which defines how they move. Study shows that people who move in a certain way, will also react in similar ways when they are performing joint tasks. Essentially, our movements give an insight into our inherent personality traits. What we demonstrate is that people typically want to react and interact with people who are similar to themselves.But what the study also shows is that movement gives an indication of a person’s behavioural characteristics.

5. People Get Nicer As They Get Older:

People get nicer as they get older, in contrast to the stereotype of the grumpy senior. The finding may be a surprise to those that believe people never change. The three main changes to personality that occur, on average, with age are that people get:

  • more conscientious,

  • more agreeable,

  • and less neurotic (moody).

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