7 Innovative Approaches To Increase Your Motivation

Do you have a whole list of things and zero interest in doing them? Do you ever wish you were just slightly more motivated so you would accomplish what you want? We all have our lazy days but sometimes our lazy days turn into weeks then months and so on. This can be counter productive to what we set out to do and just give us a sense of insecurity and a feeling of unfulfillment. From personal experience, I can say that I really cannot work with an unorganized list with all my tasks left cluttered and it really disturbs my energy. So here are 7 ways for you to increase your motivation which help you increase your productivity from my personal experience -

1. Organize Your List!!

This is one of the most important things that you need to do. Divide what you need to do in a specific manner such as study goals and house chores or any other divisions because this helps you to divide your work in a proper manner which helps you see what you actually need to do and it allows you to finish 2 similar tasks together which leads to faster work.

2. Focus More on What You Have Done Than What You Need To Do -

If you just keep looking at what you need to do, it is like staring into an abyss. It’s really no good. But when you think about the tasks you have already done and hype yourself up, you get the feeling of accomplishment and you get that energy to do more.

3. Imagine Finishing Your Tasks or Goals -

What happens when I finish this task, do I receive something? Do I become a better person? Do I learn something? Every task has a gratification at the end of it. Imagine the reward at the end of the rainbow because it will help motivate you to finish the task as every human seeks out gratification and a sense of accomplishment.

4. Do Not Create False Expectations -

This is a bad habit which we all do, we imagine what we want the steps to be or the reward to be but we lose sight of reality. This causes our expectations to lower down at the end of the task which leads to you ignoring future tasks because of the fear of disappointment. Always have a clear view of the reality.

5. Create a Specific Routine Suited For You-

You have so much to do and you are just blank as to where do you even start? Create a time table or routine which prioritizes the tasks according to you. You can arrange them from easiest to hardest or the most important to least important or anyway that you wish. With a clear path in mind, it is easier to accomplish the task at hand.

6. Debate With Yourself-

We all have that little voice telling us to just do it later and sleep now. Do not listen to that voice. We need to learn to debate with that voice in order to properly motivate ourselves, do not give in to that voice and learn to go against it instead of seeking a few moments of relaxation which leads to stress at the last moment.

7. Stay Mentally and Physically Fit -

This is essential to increasing motivation. You need to make sure you are okay and in a proper state of mind and body to do the tasks or goals you have created. If you are not feeling good then you will not have enough energy to do what you set out to.

Motivation is a very tricky thing and we sometimes fail to realize just how powerful our mind is. We can increase or decrease our level of motivation just by a single thought. Use this power to help yourself to further improve.

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