Climbing Up

Updated: May 14, 2020

Have you ever felt like you hit rock bottom? Nothing else could be worse? All of us experience this feeling, this emotion at least once in our life. Most people while getting better prioritize feeling better than actually being better, this leads to unhealthy behavior and causes them to get even worse than they had been before. Feeling better is a temporary solution that has no long term use but only numbs the pain for some time which gives the illusion of being better but when the curtains fall, it can lead to a even more dreadful sensation. We choose the easy way to numb the pain because it is a lot more faster and it hurts to be that person who feels broken all the time but if we choose the easy way out, we can never grow and keep falling back to square one all over again leading to a vicious cycle that will never allow us to get better. All of us deserve to be happy, to get better and no one stops us but ourselves, our own beliefs and limitations which we put up for us but we fail to realize that the only one who can make us better is ourselves. Being better is preferred to feeling better because only then we can develop. Many people stop themselves to hit rock bottom, to not face their emotions and keep it all inside in order to make them more productive but that does more harm than good. It destroys our mind and soul from within till it bursts out making every effort seem meaningless. It leads to a greater destruction and leaves us empty and unable to get up. We have to face how we feel, how we think in order to help ourselves. Hitting rock bottom is the best way to get up because now there is nowhere to go but up, to get better. We need to hit rock bottom to better improve ourselves, to live in a healthy manner and to be more positive. The vibe we keep with ourselves is what we give out to people; being in touch with our feelings makes us connect and empathize with others in a more efficient way. We must be willing to feel bad for a short term to feel better in the long term. Being better makes you feel good about yourself and is very important to develop confidence and self-esteem. It keeps your life lighter and makes you happy and pleasant every time.

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