Eliminate Your Fears And Doubts About Change

Do you live in your own little bubble? Have you ever felt like dropping everything and running away? I can say that I have thought of it multiple times and it has become one of my favorite daydreams. During Covid, we all have spent more than enough time with ourselves yet it feels like every single day we learn something new about ourselves while we thought we knew ourselves better than anyone. We face something new everyday, no matter how small the challenge is, it is a challenge nonetheless. When we face this, our little bubble is the safest place we can think of and just hide and forget the world outside. Sounds like a fantasy but we have to face it eventually. Change is a complicated thing, some fear it yet some welcome it like an old friend but why do things change? Is it because we develop? Or is it because the world develops? Who knows but change comes no matter what and sometimes it can flip your entire life upside down within seconds and it feels like your whole world has come crashing down and everything you knew is gone in a flash. It can be a divorce, moving to a new place or even losing a friend. All we wish to do at that point is to rush into our safe space but that only makes you weak. One thing I learnt the hard way is that change comes no matter how much you try to prevent it. You could put your heart and soul into stopping change but it will happen in ways you never expected. Now I can’t say that everything will be fine and it’s for the best; all that might be true but not always. In reality, you never know what hand life has dealt you and what change it brings but it is essential that we face it and adapt to it in a manner that is healthy and suitable for us because it will either make us or break us so I am not sure about you but I would prefer the former. Change is just a part of us and happens every single time we make a choice. You can’t face it alone no matter how strong you are, we all need someone at times but that does not mean you rely on them to save you every time, be content with yourself and you'll find yourself feeling more confident and in control when you're facing people and situations that tend to tear you down.

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