Examining Us

What expectations do your parents have from you? Are you able to be yourself? Growing up in an Indian family, many people face the inferiority complex due to the societal pressure and family pressure that lies in each and every household. Inferiority complex is the thought pattern of not being good enough in comparison to others which lies in the subconscious as we grow up because of negative remarks from others starting at a very young age which causes the individual to grow up feeling as if they are not adequate for anyone around them. This thought can drive afflicted individuals to overcompensate which can result in spectacular achievement or extremely antisocial behavior and leaves people stagnant. These negative remarks and pressure can cause a person to have the core belief of being inadequate and also make them question every small thing to make sure they are not disappointing anyone nor do they not get out of their comfort zone at all. This can lead to underdevelopment of character and abilities which may lead to an unfulfilling life and frustration. In Indian households, kids have criticism bestowed upon them at a very young age and parents have such high demands that the child is unable to cope up with failures that can lead to depression during their childhood itself. Some parents are unable to see the line of helpful motivation and destructive pressure. Many kids start slipping despite having enormous potential because they develop depression and the inferiority complex that follows them well into adulthood. We cannot let anyone define who we are and what we are meant to do because only we have that right. We need to let our parents know what we want without bowing to the pressure about what other people might think. Mental illness is treated like a joke and people don’t realize the constraint on the young minds that are still developing. Stopping someone from being who they are will only lead to resentment of others and themselves. Standing up for what you wish to do and what you want is not disrespectful or deviant but it is a way to embrace who you are and show your capability without any restraints and those who value and understand you will support you no matter what but those who stop you and cannot see your perspective are the people who will bring you down and dish out such negativity that will harm your mental state. Each of us is born different within different circumstances, some of us may not have the choice to speak out but that only means we need to handle ourselves in a more positive manner and not give up. Situations may not change but your mindset and how you perceive the world can.

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