Imperfectly Perfect

Do you feel embarrassed when you make a mistake? Do you wonder what people think about you after it? We assume that people cannot overlook our silly mistakes and worry about being judged for the smallest of errors. We forget that we are only human and try to be perfect when we as humans were designed to be imperfect and each of us unique in different ways so that we will need someone to help us and to guide us in the areas we lack. Human beings are social animals and require human interaction to survive. There is a known effect in psychology called the Pratfall Effect that states that an individual’s likability tends to increase when they make mistakes which shows that you are not perfect as being perfect is perceived as threatening but can be perceived to perform well in a general sense. When you make a mistake, you appear more human and it attracts charm as a result of the Pratfall Effect. We should not worry about making mistakes because it only leads to us being harsh on ourselves instead of forgiving ourselves and moving on from it. People who take other’s mistake too seriously while making mistakes on their own are unfair to themselves and others because negative comments can hurt people around us and create a gloomy vibe which makes people avoid you. Mistakes give us a charm and let people relate to us and feel accepted as they do not feel alone but learn through their mistakes and of other people allowing them to open up; to be better people and become more understanding along with empathetic. We sometimes are too harsh with others and not ourselves or vice versa because we fail to understand that it is okay to make mistakes as we are all learning; none of us are super humans and making mistakes is a part of learning and growing so that we can help others and be better people. All of us should move on from the mistakes made and be more compassionate towards ourselves and others. We should be perceptive of other’s situations and their opinions even if we may not agree with them because all of us have our own beliefs that help us get through our tough times; they also define who we are as a person. The human brain is a mysterious thing that we never may be able to understand but that should never stop us from considerate and patient towards ourselves and others.

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