Let It Go

Have you ever kept your emotions inside in order to spare someone’s feelings? Have you ever stayed quiet when you felt like bursting with anger? We tend to keep our feelings and emotions inside because we are unable to express them in a healthy manner which can cause harm to us and those around us. Sometimes we hold back our emotions within ourselves because we cannot open up due to different reasons and bear all of the negativity without having an outlet. This leads to an unhealthy mind and destructive behaviors such as isolating ourselves, depression, avoiding situations that we perceive as threatening and deprive ourselves of the opportunity to confront and overcome our fears. It can also lead to anxiety and self harm. Some people have mood depressing behaviors such as staying in bed all day or avoiding their loved ones to increase their sense of isolation and maintain their low mood because of the fear of bursting out and hurting those close to them. In the therapeutic sense, sometimes we use expressive arts to pour out our feelings in a healthy manner be it in the form of art, music or dance. We have to continue to evolve in life and the solution is to be more self aware. There are various techniques to help you become more self aware about your emotions and work on them to improve yourself. The first technique is to make an Emotional Pie Diagram; in this technique, you create a pie chart and divide it accordingly to your emotions. You have to mark the areas according to the emotion you feel in the current zone of life. This is a subjective interpretation of your feelings which can help you identify what you feel and how to improve upon it. It can lead to a better understanding of yourself and the things that make you positive and to figure out a way to manage your negative emotions in a better manner. The second technique is an Emotional Transition playlist; music has a major impact on our emotions and how we feel. The best way to create a playlist to improve your mood is to start with a low spirited song that you can relate to at the moment you are feeling down and slowly transition to a more joyful pace of music that can slowly lift up your spirits. It helps to transition your mood and have a better control over your emotions. The third and last technique is called the Time Line; to perform this activity; you start with a dot on the start on the page or whichever platform you are performing this on and another dot in the end which signifies the place you are in now. The area from your birth to now has had both happy and wistful moments; you need to point the moments on your time line and give a description about the events you have gone through. This shows that you have gone through hard times which show the strength you have and helps you reflect on your past and how it helped you to grow into the person you are. When you open up about your emotions and feelings, you also open up your soul and knowing someone is listening to you and understanding can help you overcome your fear and soothe you.

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