Letter To My Future Self

Dear Future Me,

Hey, how are you doing? I wouldn’t really know right now but I really wish you are doing good because we could use a break. I wish that we achieved our goals and that right now you have a good present. Things have been relatively better from the past right now but being a bit better wouldn’t hurt. There are some situations which trouble me now and I am stuck in a very difficult choice and I hope whatever the choice I make, it is good enough because there cannot be a right choice at the moment because both sides are equally important no matter how much they hurt me. I can’t say that I will do everything right, I will definitely make a lot of mistakes, I might lose my temper or say something I don't mean but I want you to know that I am trying to make sure that my future is what I want and what I deserve. I am making memories that one day you will look upon and laugh or feel sad about but I want you to never forget what I am going through because it will only make you stronger. I never want my future self to forget who you are and to never be what others want you to be because we are amazing and I can only imagine how much better we will be. Right now, it's summer and yet there is such beautiful wind and clouds and everything seems peaceful yet there is a storm within me and I hope I can survive this storm because I would hate to miss the rainbow after the storm. For a while, my days seem empty and I feel lonely but I am not alone but I am working on it. I really hope you are doing good and you deserve the happiness you get because we did a lot to get it. I hope that in the future I can come home to a cute dog and a moody cat to tell them that I missed them at work. I hope that my therapeutic practice is successful and I bring a change in someone’s life so that we could be there for them to talk to because we never had someone. I hope my family is doing good and my sister is enjoying school and gets everything she says. We are going through a lot and no doubt we will have more obstacles ahead but we will remain strong because that’s who we are. Be happy. You deserve it.

Yours Truly,

Your Past Self.

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