Letter To The Past Me

Dear Past Me,

I would ask how are you doing but I already know the answer. I know you are not okay and you think of just giving up; nothing else matters but please have hope. I know it seems impossible to get back up and take even one step; watching your friends leave, watching your family break and so many more things and I can’t say that it gets better because it doesn’t but you are so strong that now you have faced all of this and stand stronger than ever before. Think about the people you have, the people who stayed and the people who would do anything to bring you back up. It’s okay to ask for help, you are not alone, you are loved and you are strong. It is not your fault and it never was. Do not blame yourself, you can’t control everything and you don’t have to. It’s okay for people to leave, it’s okay to cry, it’s okay to feel weak but you are stronger than you know so do not give up because it will be the biggest mistake you have ever made. Do you remember the day you went out with your friends to Dubai Mall and you laughed till your stomach and cheeks hurt? You couldn’t imagine being more content and happy than you were in that moment. Then think about the day you sang for your first ever competition and that feeling of accomplishment that you were on cloud nine. Think about the day you went to Elante with your friends to celebrate your birthday and the most dumbest jokes you have ever heard but you wouldn’t change a single thing about that day but make it longer. All these moments and there are more to come but only if you get up and brush yourself off and face your problems instead of running away. You were never really good at running anyway but you have always gotten back up after a fall and that is what you will always do because I can promise you, this will not define you or make you bitter but more compassionate and empathic and you will change for the better.

Be yourself and just keep moving forward because the bad will not last forever.

Yours Truly,

Your Future Self.

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