Letters Delivered

What are letters? Have you ever written a letter? Letters are a medium of communication; a way to express your thoughts. Letters are an excellent way to release your emotions and help you cope with the things that trouble you. As the month ends, write letters to yourself and others and tell yourself and the people you write to about the emotions and feelings you never got the chance to say or just couldn’t find the right words. Write a letter to your past self thanking yourself for staying strong and getting through all that you went through and finding the strength to get up when you wanted to give up. Write a letter to your future self about the goals and achievements you wish to happen and to tell them that you are trying your best to make sure your future is the way you wish it would be. Write a letter to yourself forgiving yourself for all the times you got angry and did something you regret, forgive yourself for all the times you made a mistake or blamed yourself for something that was not under your control. Lastly, write a letter to those you have hurt and apologize, write a letter to those who gave you the best memories and made you laugh till your stomach hurt. For the next few posts, I will be writing these letters and expressing how I feel and the things I am thankful for. We all lose track of the things that have been good and bad without a second thought but we have to understand that these things prepare us for our future. Without the situations we faced and people who came and went from our lives, we would have been a completely different person. We forget to thank each other and ourselves and to forgive others and ourselves for the mistakes made and the conflicts faced. To face and embrace your past is the only way to avoid the same mistakes and unhealthy emotions and coping mechanisms which cause frustration to not only ourselves but also those around us. Write a letter and embrace yourself and the circumstances you have faced because only then will you find out who you are.

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