Reading Within

Have you ever looked in a mirror and all that stared back at you are your flaws? Did you ever just want to change everything about yourself because you believed you weren’t good enough? We all tend to pick out our flaws at times and just wish they were gone. We do everything we can to remove them so that we appeal to the beauty standards of what is socially acceptable. Personally, I have done it a lot. I try to change who I am and what I look like to just be better but I feel we fail to realize that sometimes it's the imperfections that make us unique. We see other people and compare ourselves to them; if only I had that body or if only I had such skin. Why do we do that? Why is it that beauty is only seen as what is on the outside? They say never judge a book by its cover but that is exactly what we do, we judge someone based on how they look, how they dress and we don’t really wait to see the person inside. I had tried so hard to remove everything I hate about myself and the list is very long but now, it’s like I have reached the point where I will definitely work on myself but I stopped caring about what people perceive me as. I am not here to please everyone but myself. Some people become too toxic and keep bringing you down without a second thought of its impact and these are the people we need to cut off because not only do they hurt you but also feel as if their actions are justified as we give in to what they say. My mental health will always be my first concern and if anyone, no matter how close tries to affect my mental health or my perception of who I am in a negative manner, I do not have any need for them in my life. We need to understand that life will go on and someday when we are old and our appearances fade away, all that remains is who we are. Instead of thinking which dress suits me best, try to think of how you can improve who you are outside of your looks because that’s the most beautiful part of you.

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