Reflecting Back

Have you ever wondered what past events made you the person you are? When did you decide you didn’t like the color yellow? Such questions make you reflect back on your past and you wonder how you came to be who you are. We face so much in our lives both good and bad; these moments either break us or make us. When I was younger, I never liked listening to old jazz but now they are the top songs in my playlist; I was never that interested in writing articles or such and I was not that good so I never took an interest and now here I am with my own blog. How did I change? What happened that made me change my mind? I grew up, I realized that I was a completely different person and that I had developed myself in a positive manner and gave a try to all things I brushed off. I have faced so many things and most people who go down the path I did; they turn out very different. I gave up so many times but somehow found enough strength to get back up again because I had to for I do not want my past or the circumstances I went through to define but the achievements I have and will have are the things that should show who I am. As I sit here reflecting back on my past, I do not remember what happened in detail but I remember the emotions I felt and how I got back up again when my whole world came down crashing. Those events made me stronger, made me realize my compassion, my ambition and who I wanted to be. Our life can end at any moment, but what matters is who we are and why? How did you change? Why did you change? Understand who you are and reflect on your past because your past holds the key to your future. Your past made you who you are and even yesterday is your past, so change yourself to be the person you want to because it is never too late.

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