Self Fulfilling Prophecy

· What do you think you are capable of? Do you ever keep high expectations for yourself? Each one of us is capable of something exceptional but we are held back by our fear of failure and what others think of us. It is known that when we expect something from ourselves to the extent that we believe that we can accomplish it without fail, it is more likely that we actually accomplish it; but the vice versa is also applicable as if we believe that we cannot do it and let other people tell us that we are not capable of it, we tend to fail. This effect in psychology is known as The Pygmalion Effect. It is a psychological effect wherein high expectations can lead enhanced achievement in specific areas. Its name comes from the story of Pygmalion, a mythical Greek sculptor. Pygmalion carved a statue of a woman and then became enamored with it. Unable to love a human, Pygmalion appealed to Aphrodite, the goddess of love. She took pity and brought the statue to life. The couple married and went on to have a daughter, Paphos. As in the story, the fixation on the statue made it come to life, the same happens when we focus on our beliefs and work upon it. We should not underestimate ourselves and put up goals for us as we are capable of achieving it. This shows that our reality can be accommodated and manipulated by others as well as us. What we are skillful at, what we achieve and what we think can all be manipulated and changed by us and those around us. This is one of the reasons we should be careful about the people we surround ourselves with because it is their influence that can affect us in the most dominant way. It can either push our limits or help us grow or bring us down to the point we believe that we are incapable of anything. We have the power to affect us and change what happens only if we try and believe in who we are and our proficiency without the fear of failure and the negativity of others. We can’t do anything just because someone expects us to. Overly high expectations can also be stressful. When someone sets the bar too high, we can get discouraged and not even bother trying. It should be balanced so that we do not stress ourselves out and take care of our mental health too. Without even realizing it, we can nudge others towards success and develop ourselves. This shows that the power of belief is one of the strongest.

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