The Perspective We Hold

Have you ever wondered how another person sees a situation completely different from you? How when you stand on one side, you see a 9 but another person sees a 6? We see things from different perspectives and all of us experience the same thing in different ways which can lead to various interpretations. The way in which we see things and understand them determines how we react and behave. Sometimes we misinterpret the situation or action that leads to a wrong reaction which causes conflict. We fail to see things in the eyes of someone else because we hold the belief that what we see is true and the other people are wrong. One thing we need to remember is that the world is not that black and white, it is never about wrong or right, it is about understanding and respecting other opinions and beliefs even if we do not agree with them. Being right is the need of an insecure mind and we get so caught up on the thought of being right that we fail to understand others. Just think, if we are right; what then? We feel good for 2 seconds but we also undermine someone causing a rift. What happens when you are wrong? Do you feel good? This is what we fail to understand. Instead of fighting over wrong and right, we need to learn to see it from the other perspective. If we can change and modify the pattern of thinking, we can consequently change the emotional experience. People are the processors of life rather than victims of circumstances. We may not be able to control thoughts entering our mind but we can choose if we act upon them or not. All of us have a past that gave us our beliefs and opinions but we also have the ability to choose a new set of habits, thought patterns and behavior; our past does not have to be equal to our future, we determine our future by our growth and empathizing with those around us. We hold the key to living the life we want regardless of the circumstance we are in; all we need to do is change our perspective. From personal experience, sometimes things can get so bad that you feel helpless and lost; even angry and frustrated that no one is able to fathom what you wish to say or do but that should never stop you from understanding others and shifting your perspective because you cannot control anything but yourself. We hold such power within our minds and yet it is put to such negative use; instead it could lead to peace of mind and contentment. It can only happen if we want it to.

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