What I Wish Everyone Understood

Usually I always start a blog post with questions but this is different. I recently got a new friend and I have not known them for long and yet we talk about everything that I never thought I would talk about and they make me question life itself. What does this have to do with anything? I learnt that I spent my entire life trying to be someone else’s version of perfection like my parents or friends or relatives or anyone but me because I wanted to be good enough for everyone and maintain that peace but I very much doubt there is any peace in my life. We all try to fit into a group to have that sense of belonging even if it completely changes us for the worse and I recently left a group of friends that were doing me more harm than good. You know what I felt? I felt alone, I felt as though I made a huge mistake because I had become too used to being that way that now when I was away from it, I felt as though I was incomplete. Then I met this friend, a completely new person who knew nothing about me and I knew nothing about them and yet we talk about our lives and the universe and old jazz and random things. My whole life I tried to fit in and when I couldn’t, I believed that I was alone and maybe no one would understand but now, I met someone who would not only understand but also make me think beyond my understanding. You must be thinking why am I writing about this? I know many people fall into the wrong groups because we are blinded by the fear of being alone but this fear is exactly what drives us into a spiral of self loathing. I am terrified of losing people and I have lost a lot of friends closest to me and for a long time I believed that staying away from people was the best solution but it really isn’t . I was not designed to please everyone and neither was I made for being alone. We are all here and we all have someone out there who will understand, someone who won’t make us feel alone and make us question everything we know and believe and these people will make you grow. For anyone who is out there feeling alone or as if they just do not belong anywhere, please reach out to people, you make friends in the ways you would never expect and sometimes the most random of choices can lead to beautiful outcomes.

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