What Is The Importance Of Emotions?

Have you ever wondered why we have emotions? Have you ever wanted to just get rid of them? Did you ever think what would happen if we didn’t have emotions? According to the American Psychological Association (APA), emotions are defined as “a complex reaction pattern, involving experiential, behavioral and physiological elements” or in simple words, it is how we feel. Sometimes there are moments where you wish you could not feel a thing and just shut yourself away but that is not healthy or useful because like every part of our body, our emotions are essential to survive.They may seem like too much at times but that is only because you let your emotions control you instead of the other way round which can lead to over sensitivity.

To explain further, emotions have three factors that make up the process. The first is how you experience the emotion, then it is how your body acknowledges the emotion and lastly, it is how you behave in response to that emotion. These different elements can play a role in the function and purpose of your emotional responses. What is the importance of emotions? Emotions are imperative for us in many different ways and some of them are - they help motivate us; for example, you have an exam coming up and this can cause anxiety which is an emotional response. Due to this emotional response, you will want to study which in return will allow you to score well. Emotions create a response that makes us want to take action be it positive or not. Secondly, emotions help other people understand us and vice versa; we express our emotions by body language and we comprend the body language because we are able to understand the emotion felt by the other person. This allows deeper interpersonal relationships and helps us communicate effectively with each other as well as helps us understand how to react in a particular situation. Another fact that shows the importance of emotions is that they help us survive, thrive and avoid danger; Charles Darwin believed that emotions play a key role in the survival and reproduction of humans and animals. When we are irritated or angry, we are most likely to confront the situation at hand, when we feel fear, we activate our fight or flight instinct which allows us to analyze the situation and choose the option that is more suitable.

Lastly, emotions help us make decisions that are more emotionally pleasing for us which allows us to thrive and be comfortable in the choices we make. As you can see, emotions are the driving force of our actions and even though they may be annoying at times, in the end they are more beneficial than we thought. Like everything, emotions can be controlled with practice if you desire but it requires patience and persistence. We should never underestimate the value of our emotions because they are what makes us a part of something greater than us.

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